Eyelash serum- IS IT WORTH THE HYPE?

Each eyelash serums’ job is to nourish and hydrate short and brittle lashes. Thanks to the active agents, vitamins, minerals lash follicles are provided with essential nutrients so that they can produce long and thick lashes.

Eyelash serum – Who should consider the treatment?

If you have lost lashes due to the disease or the health issues the eyelash enhancer will help you regrow lashes much faster. They are going to be stronger and longer than ever before. Maybe your lashes are sparse and damaged after hot summer. There is no better way to make them look better than using eyelash serum. Anybody who is not satisfied with her/his lashes should try one of those products. It is important to remember that mums-to-be, breastfeeding women and those who are undergoing chemo/radiotherapy are not recommended to use any lash-enhancing product.

Why it is it worth trying eyelash serum?

There are many reasons. eyelash serums are highly effective and they not invasive like the lash extensions. Most of the products available on the market are rich in natural ingredients and essential oils. Thanks to this, lashes grow long and the skin around eyes becomes very soft and elastic. Over time, lashes are darker and less prone to breakage. Among the most common lash growth serums’ components, we can distinguish hyaluronic acid, creatine, vitamin E and B5. All lash products have been tested in independent laboratories, and proved safe for health. The standard treatment lasts 3 months but the first results can be seen after 5 weeks of systematic use. For the eyelash serum to be effective, two conditions need to be met. Firstly, the product has to be composed from organic, plant based and mineral ingredients. Secondly, the applicator should be very small and pointy. All active agents have to be placed directly on the lash line so that the serum can be absorbed into the lash roots and work from there. Strong lash follicles guarantee thick and lust lashes.