Eyelash serum – universal beauty cosmetic

Eyelash serum is one of the few beauty product that is used by both women and men. Can the lash enhancer be used to stimulate the growth of brows? Indeed, you can successfully use the lash conditioner to strengthens and rebuilds your brows.

Everything starts from application. Lash roots are hydrated and nourished only then when we apply the product directly on the lash line. This application method promote effective and healthy lash growth. Lashes and brows have a very similar structure; therefore, any lash growth serum ought to work the same in both areas.

Brow hair and lashes have the same life phase and structure and very similar follicles.

The main hair component in carnitine. It is responsible for lash flexibility, softness and it also keeps the hydration inside the hair. The next hair essential ingredient is vitamin E, which stimulates the lash growth. Many eyelash serums are enriched in those components, being the ultimate lash enhancers.

If you would like to ramp up your brows, you can use any eyelash serum and a thick brush. This way you can cover all sparse areas with one quick swipe. Using the tiny, pointy brush that normally comes with the eyelash serums may not be the best choice.

To achieve desired results you need to be patient and keep using the eyelash serum for many weeks. The key to success is your patience and systematic application. Try not to skip any day, and if happens, use the serum as quick as you realize that you have forgotten about it. After 3-4 months, your brow hair should become thicker, much darker, and longer. Each lash enhancer is slightly different, and producers give specific instructions when it comes to the application. Most of the products, however work best when they are used on clean, dry skin before bed. All the ingredients have time to penetrate through skin deep into the hair roots. In the morning, just comb through brows and you can apply your regular makeup.