Lash treatments vs eyelash serum

Eyelash serum is recommended to be used when your lashes are sparse and short. It is one of the most natural way of adding your lashes volume and length. Is it still safe when you have your lashes tinted, wearing permanent makeup or lash extensions?


To be a good candidate for lash tint you would want to have very fair light colour lashes that often get very light at the tips due to the sun exposure or the chemical exposure such as swimming. Lash tinting make eyes appear brighter, bigger, and crisper. Eyelash and brow tinting is a semi-permanent way of making the hair darker. This method does not make your lashes look longer or thicker but the dark colour will give your eyes nice frame. Lash tinting is great if you are a blonde or a redhead or if you want to have darker lashes without using the mascara. It is a great option before you go on holiday and you do not want to worry about your eye makeup. The dye use in the whole process is safe for the eyes and the skin around them. It is important that you always seek for a professional beautician who can perform lash tinting and never try it yourself at home. Many women express their concern in regards to using the eyelash serum at the time they have their lashes tinted. In fact, lash growth serum does not affect the lash dye in any way. Stronger and thicker lashes intensify the eye make-up.


Permanent makeup treatment is the procedure of infusing sage pigments to the derma layer of the skin where they create a shadow of colour that mimics the appearance of the makeup. The most popular permanent make up treatment is done of eyes by creating the fine line on the upper and lower lash line. We have the impression that the person has an eyeliner applied. The eyelash serum does applied on the lash line does not interfere with the pigments and it does not make the makeup to fade.


If you like having your lashes tinted are if you wear lash extensions, you can at the same time use the eyelash serum. Lash enhancers are safe to the skin and they do not dissolve the fake lash adhesive. Studies shown that using the eyelash serum strengthens lashes and make them less prone to breakage.