LATISSE eyelash serum

Latisse is recommended for people who would like to have longer, stronger, and more eye-catching eyelashes. Moreover, the product works equally well on women and men. Those who are owners of either sensitive eyelid skin or eyes should consult their willingness of starting Latisse treatment with a general practitioner. Pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as the young who have not reach maturity must not use Latisse.

The package of Latisse is destined in such a way to make application as fast and easy as possible. A drop of the cosmetic has to be put on an applicator and then distributed along upper eyelash base. While sleeping, the product relocates itself onto lower eyelash base; and this is how all eyelashes become nourished and extended equally. One thing to remember, Lattise should not be applied directly on eyelashes. What is more, carefulness is required not to insert the brush into eyes.

This might result in irritations development.

The first effects are observable after around three weeks. For the complete result, one has to wait up to three months. After this period of time, Latisse can be used several times per week. Along with the time devoted to the treatment, eyelashes become healthier, thicker, and longer. What is more, these look more shiny, moisturized and slightly curled. This kind of effects hold out for two months as the treatment is over.

Latisse may cause irritations and these can be experienced mainly by allergic sufferers, people with sensitive eyelid skin and eyes as well as by those who suffer from various dermatological or optical diseases. In most cases, the discomfort has a form of lacrimation, sensation of having sand under eyes, itchiness, tingling, and redness of eyelids. Such irritations may be self-relieved or reduced due to either homemade herbal compresses or medications prescribed by a physician.


  • extends and strengthens eyelashes
  • is characterized by easy application
  • has nice package
  • moisturizes and curls eyelashes


  • is expensive
  • cause irritations
  • does not produce long-lasting effects
  • is not recommended for everyone