NEULASH eyelash serum

Neulash eyelash serum is closed in a little bottle that can be bought in two different capacity versions: 3,2 ml and 6 ml. The first one holds out for around four months of treatment whereas the second one for a six-month treatment.

Generally speaking, application of Neulash is similar to putting on an eyeliner. To clarify, upper and lower eyelash base has to be covered with the eyelash serum. What is more, the product has liquid consistency, is absorbed quickly and does not leave any stains on either eyelashes or eyelids. Worth mentioning, when applying, a consumer has to be careful enough not to put the brush into eyeballs since it may result in irritations forming (for example, tingling sensation, redness of eyeballs or drying-out of eyelid skin). Basically, Neulash has to be reapplied every evening until desired results are achieved.

After that, suffice to use the eyelash serum few times a week.

Throughout the course of the treatment, eyelashes become approximately three millimetres extended, are thickened at the base and seem to be stronger, prettier, more nourished and heathier. Such effects become visible after a month of regular Neulash application. The ultimate results are noticeable the moment the treatment is about to end. Unfortunately, these do not last long – the outcomes vanish after more or less two months since the last dosage of the eyelash serum applied.

Furthermore, Naulash consists of several natural substances that are responsible for moisturizing, strengthening, regeneration and smoothing of eyelashes. Such substances are, for example, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, B vitamins and pumpkin seed extract. What is more, these ingredients take care of both eyelashes as well as of the skin around eyes.


  • provides easy and fast to application
  • contains natural ingredients in its composition
  • takes care of eyelashes and skin around eyes
  • is available in two capacity versions


  • does not extend eyelashes significantly
  • the outcomes wear off quickly
  • is expensive
  • may cause irritations