REVITALASH eyelash serum

Revitalash eyelash serum is destined for short, weak, and thin eyelashes care. It is available in two capacity versions: 2 ml and 3,5 ml. The cosmetic’s bottle is stored in a long cardboard box together with a leaflet that contain all essential information concerning Revitalash’s manner of working, ways of applying it, composition etc.
In order to apply the eyelash serum successfully, you have to use a pointy-ended brush. It will make covering eyelash base of upper and lower eyelids with Revitalash way easier. The product has to be reapplied every evening up to the moment the desired effects are obtained. Then, the eyelash serum might be put on a few times a week.
Three weeks have to pass to observe the first effects of Revitalash treatment. Two months are required to obtain the ultimate outcome. The results, in turn, have a form of longer, thicker, and slightly darker eyelashes. If supplied with Revitalash regularly, eyelashes turn into being strengthened, regenerated, and rebuilt. When the treatment is about to end, eyelashes get more flexible, shiny and moisturized.
Unfortunately, the eyelash serum can cause irritations on the first days of the treatment. This concerns mainly people who have sensitive eye skin area and eyes as well as those who are under a dermatologist or an optician’s care. Irritations might get a form of tingling sensation, itchiness, and redness. Such discomforts wear off after several days (at the latest after 2 weeks) when eyelid skin gets used to the new product and its working. However, if the irritations do now want to vanish, it is necessary to stop Revitalash treatment or see a physician.



  • extends, strengthens and improves density of eyelashes
  • is effective and is available in two capacity versions
  • provides easy application
  • has a nice package


  • may irritate
  • is high-priced