TALIKA LIPOCILS eyelash serum

Talika Lipocils is recommended to make eyelash strong and well taken care of. The product is available in two capacity variants: 4,2 ml and 10 ml. As one of the few eyelash serums on the market, it contains a mascara-like wand instead of a pointy-ended brush. The product is closed in a bright blue bottle ended with a silver cap.

Application should be performed on precisely cleansed and dried eyelid skin. Talika Lipocils eyelash serum has to be put on using the above-mentioned wand. Not surprisingly, the cosmetic has to coat eyelashes from the base to the tips.

Worth realizing, if the wand gathers too much of the cosmetic, eyelashes may get clumped together or be covered with white specks.

The eyelash serum is composed of several natural ingredients. The substances are responsible for moisturizing and taking care of eyelashes as well as for easing irritations of eyelid skin area. These ingredients are, among others, apple extract, nettle, allantoin and hamamelis. Despite mentioned substances, Talika Lipocils contains also ingredients providing freshness of the product. To clarify, the eyelash serum can be used for over a year since the opening.

Stronger, prettier, and healthier – these are the adjectives that can be used to describe eyelashes after a one-month treatment. What is more, due to Talika Lipocils, eyelashes are glossy and curl. Since the product is equipped with the mascara-like wand, it can be used for setting eyebrows, providing these at the same time with active substances.


  • regenerates and strengthens eyelashes
  • takes care of skin around eyes
  • can be used for eyelashes and eyebrows equally
  • contains several natural substances


  • may clump and leave specks on eyelashes
  • does not extend eyelashes