LILASH eyelash serum

Lilash eyelash serum is destined for eyelash and eye skin area care. It does not possess eyelash extending nor thickening features. The product is available in two versions: 2,95 ml and 5,91 ml.

Effects of Lilash treatment are noticeable in three months. Eyelashes are moisturized, glossy, soft, and healthy. Active substances included into composition provide strengthening and regeneration of eyelashes. What is more, these substances are also responsible for making eyelashes resistant to harmful external factors as well as protect eyelashes against mechanical damages (i.e. caused by cosmetic working). When Lilash treatment is over, eyelashes seem to be thicker and fuller.

Application of the eyelash serum should be proceeded with hand washing and make-up removal. Next, Lilash should be distributed in a form of a thin line on upper and lower eyelash base. The product is fast to get absorbed, does not run down to eyes, and does not cause irritations. Furthermore, Lilash is characterized by semi-liquid consistency, which requires precision while applying.

A consumer has to wait more or less three minutes to enable the cosmetic to get absorbed fully.

Lilash is sold in a black cardboard box. Inside, there are two compartments, one for the eyelash serum and the second one for a leaflet containing all essential information. Worth realizing, the package should be wrapped into transparent foil – then, we are sure that Lilash eyelash serum has not been opened before.


  • strengthens, regenerates and takes care of eyelashes
  • is easy to apply
  • has nice package
  • is available in two capacity versions


  • is expensive
  • neither extends nor improves density of eyelashes
  • has semi-liquid consistency