LASHCODE eyelash serum

Lashcode Eyelash SerumLashcode is the second best-selling eyelash serum. Even though it hasn’t been on the market for as long as the leader (Nanolash) in our roundup, it enjoys great popularity and gets rave reviews.

Lashcode is highly-rated because it stimulates lashes to grow, but also makes them darker, strengthens, moisturizes and improves their condition. This is a perfect repair serum for extremely damaged eyelashes.

The lash treatment with Lashcode lasts around 3 months with regular application.

The serum takes just two weeks to start working and most girls say their lashes got stronger and healthier after around a month. The regular application really pays off because Lashcode thickens, extends and darkens the lashes fast.

Speaking of the usage, anyone will manage to spread the serum along the eyelash line using a small brush. It needs to be used every day at bedtime after taking off make-up.

The components of the Lashcode serum are exceptional. The formula is inspired by nature and made out of soy and wheat extracts, Baicalein (skullcap root extract), healthy amino acids, and peptides which strengthen the lash follicles. Natural ingredients translate into safety and tender care for the eyelid skin.

Lashcode comes in a pretty large bottle for a lash serum because it has 5 milliliters. This amount lasts for long months of regular use. The serum is also fast absorbing and doesn’t run down causing irritations.

The product is available here

• lengthens and thickens the lashes
• strengthens, nourishes and darkens the eyelash hair
• is non-irritating
• is easy to use
• has a big size and lasts long

• requires regular application