RAPIDLASH eyelash serum

Rapidlash eyelash serum is closed in a matte and grey bottle of 3 ml capacity. That is just right amount of the cosmetic to cover five months of eyelash improving treatment. What is more, the product goes with a precise brush (looking similar to an eyeliner) and can be applied on eyebrows as well.

Application of Rapidlash eyelash serum has to be conducted every evening until the desired outcomes are produced. After that, the product can be put on every few days. Basically, Rapidlash has to be distributed on upper and lower eyelash base line with the above-mentioned brush. On one hand, Rapidlash is absorbed fast and does not run down into the eyes. But on the other hand, it may discolour eyelid skin by creating a pale violet line on it.

Fortunately, the discolouration should wear off after some time.

The first outcomes of Rapidlash treatment become noticeable after six weeks of regular application. The ultimate results are produced after three months. On the whole, eyelashes become flexible, healthier, stronger and the general condition of these should significantly improve, obviously, if the product is applied systematically. Although eyelash extension is not great, thickness and density improvement is fairly satisfactory. During the last couple of weeks of Rapidlash treatment, eyelashes seem as if they became resistant to the product manner of working since the appearance of these do not change a bit.

Rapidlash eyelash serum contains vitamins and moisturizing substances. These take care of both eyelashes and skin around eyes. What is more, the substances provide regeneration and maintain appropriate level of hydration in the inner structure of eyelashes. Last but not least, the composition of Rapidlash is powerful enough to relieve possible irritations.


  • is fast and easy to apply
  • contains vitamins and moisturizing substances
  • takes care of eyelashes and skin around eyes
  • may be applied on eyebrows
  • thickens and improves density of eyelashes


  • is expensive
  • may cause irritations
  • provides only slight eyelash extension