PROLASH + eyelash serum

prolashThe next eyelash serum with good results and minor side effects. Prolash + is based on natural ingredients, hyaluronic acid, and peptides which role is to enhance lash growth. The whole treatment takes on average 3,5 months. Lashes are shiner, stronger and thicker. The producer promises that lashes are going to be longer within 3 weeks of use. Therefore, the results are visible after completing 2nd month.

Thanks to the hyaluronic acid, lashes are rebuilt and they appeared healthier.

Prolash + eyelash serum can be used on both upper and lower lash line. However, if you use the product on sparse brows, the ProLash+ only make the existing ones stronger and thicker. The serum is available only online and unfortunately, there are many fake equivalents of ProLash+. Most of the volunteers who were testing the serum are happy with the results achieved. A few of the respondents suffered from minor side effects such as eye redness or itchiness. All reverse effects have disappeared after rinsing the eye with lukewarm water.

• makes lashes thicker and stronger
• nourishes and provides lashes with deep hydration
• has a nice packaging
• makes lashes thicker and it rebuilds their structure

• does not lashes longer
• cannot be purchased in beauty shops
• has many fake equivalents
• causes minor side effects
• does not make lashes darker