LASHFOOD eyelash serum

lashfoodLashfood eyelash serum is very popular in the USA and this brand is well established on that market. We can find many products under the LashFood logo on their official website. According to our research, LashFoood is one of the most expensive eyelash serum available. To the retail price, we have to add the cost of the shipping. LashFood is advertised as the product based in 99% on natural ingredients. Additionally, it contains the Phyto-Medic Complex, which is a mix of medicinal herb extracts exclusive to LashFood. Additionally, it is rich in Arginine and many other lash-boosting components such as vitamin B5 and E.

The LashFood can be bought only on the official website. It is unavailable is stationery beauty shops or on online bidding websites.

The LashFood works to its full potential only if you are patient and use it systematically for at least 8 weeks. Depending on the lash condition, but first results are visible after 6 weeks of LashFood treatment. After that period, lashes are shiner and a bit longer, and then they become very thick. Unfortunately, when the treatment is discontinued, lashes shed quickly and they go back to their original state. Additionally, LashFood does not extend the lash life phase.

• makes lashes longer and thicker
• is packed with natural ingredients
• is easy to apply
• restores the lash structure
• soothes the skin around eyes
• has a nice packaging
• does not cause any side effects

• makes lashes shed quickly when the treatment is over
• is expensive
• does not make lashes darker