URLASH eyelash serum

urlashThis unique eyelash serum is increasingly popular in Germany and France. It comes in a black tube and it has a pointy applicator. It does makes lashes thicker but there is not much of the lash lengthening. The whole treatment lasts 12 weeks but the first results are visible after only one month of daily usage.

The UrLash can be bought only online for no less than £30.

The formula is scent-free and it does not run into the eyes. The UrLash application is very simple and it takes only a few seconds to cover both upper and lower lash line. According to the producer UrLash eyelash serum works best if you put it on before bed so that the active agents have time to penetrate through skin to the lash roots. Lashes are much thicker, shiner, stronger, lesser of them fall out.

• strengthens lashes and make them thicker
• is rich in natural ingredients
• is gentle to the skin and it does not cause any adverse effect

• works very individually and it depends on the condition of lashes
• cannot be purchased in the beauty shops
• does not make lashes appear longer