XLASH PRO eyelash serum

Xlash Pro eyelash serum is closed in a plastic bottle containing 3 millilitres of the product. A single bottle of the cosmetic is enough to conduct a five-month treatment. Basically, the eyelash serum is recommended for women having damaged and weak eyelashes.

Application of Xlash Pro has to be conducted every single evening.

It I recommended to use a thin brush when putting the product on upper and lower eyelash base. It is suggested to reapply Xlash Pro until looked-for results are achieved. The eyelash serum does not run down into eyes despite its liquid consistency, is fast to get absorbed and does not irritate neither eyelid skin nor eyes. Must be remembered, each application has to be proceeded with precise make-up removal and face cleansing.

The first outcomes of Xlash Pro treatment appear after four weeks of regular application of the eyelash serum. However, the ultimate results are noticeable after six weeks. In the first place, eyelashes become stronger and less vulnerable to falling out and damage. What is more, their inner structure is rebuilt. The following months influence eyelashes’ length, density, and thickness. Unfortunately, the achieved outcomes do not last long and disappear after approximately three months since the treatment is over.

Xlash Pro eyelash serum is not recommended for certain groups of people like: pregnant and breastfeeding women, allergic sufferers and people who have not reach maturity. The product might cause irritations such as dried-out eyelid skin, redness, lacrimation, and itchiness. If any of these happens to develop, it is suggested to discontinue the treatment of ask a physician for help.


  • extends and strengthens eyelashes
  • provides easy application
  • is effective
  • has a nice package


  • may irritate some people
  • does not guarantee effects being long lasting
  • is high-priced