M2 LASHES eyelash serum

m2 lashesThe next eyelash serum which works regarding promoting the lash growth is M2 Lashes. According to the producer, M2 Lashes contains MDN (methylamido-dihydro-noralfaprostal).

It is an ingredient that has been derived from ophthalmology brunch and successfully used for cosmetic applications.

Studies have shown that M2 Lashes can make lashes longer and stronger on the condition that it is used every day for no shorter than 3 months. M2 Lashes comes with a tiny brush, which works like an eyeliner. This method of application allows the eyelash serum to work on lash follicles. The stronger the lash roots are, the healthier and longer the lashes tend to grow. The downside to this lash product is the fact that it does not make lashes grow as thick as expected. Undoubtedly, lashes are stronger, lesser of them fall out when removing the makeup. The tests have proved that lashes do not shed that much once the M2 Lashes treatment is over.

M2 Lashes:
• makes lashes longer and stronger
• has a nice package
• lashes do not shed after the treatment
• does not cause side effects

M2 Lashes:
• is quite expensive – £90
• does not make lashes very thick
• does not make lashes appear darker
• is available only online