FEG eyelash serum

FEG eyelash serum is destined for eyelash extension, strengthening, and regeneration. It is recommended for all mature people regardless their age, sex and skin type (except sensitive skin owners, they have to consult a physician first). The only group of people who are advised against applying FEG eyelash serum are pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as those who have undergone chemotherapy.

Application of FEG has to be performed every evening, until the desired results are obtained.

When a consumer is content with the look of her/his eyelashes, usage of FEG can be reduced to a few times per week. Eyelashes roots are supplied with nourishing substances due to a thin applicator that is provided to the eyelash serum. With the use of it, a consumer has to draw a line on upper and lower eyelash base. Although FEG has liquid consistency, it is absorbed quickly. What is more, the product does not leave stains on eyelids. Worth realizing, one has to be careful enough not to place the brush into eyes. When the cosmetic gets into eyes, irritations development may follow.

The first effects of FEG treatment are produced after around four weeks, whereas the final outcomes are visible after two months of regular application. Eyelashes are stronger, fuller, and prettier. During systematic use of FEG, eyelashes become longer, thicker and denser. Such effects hold up to two months since the treatment is over.

On the positive side, FEG eyelash serum is composed of natural substances like cucumber, pumpkin seed and pomegranate extracts as well as green tea. These substances are not only responsible for eyelash care. These also smooth, highlight, moisturize, and ease possible irritations of eye skin area.


  • is composed of natural ingredients
  • extends and strengthens eyelashes
  • moisturizes and takes care of eyelid skin
  • provides fast and easy application


  • may cause irritations
  • is high-priced
  • has a lot of counterfeits
  • has poor package