L’OREAL eyelash serum

eyelash serumThe next product worth recommending is the L’Oreal eyelash serum. This serum has a great formula rich in many essential nutrients and it works great when it comes to improving lash condition. L’Oreal Eyelash Serum comes in a see-though tube and it a curved spatula. Unfortunately, this eyelash serum cannot work to its full potential, as it is impossible to apply the product on the lash line. In fact, it is very unclear how to use this applicator.

Most of the customers just try to wiggle lashes with the spatula starting from the very bottom of the lashes towards their ends.

The L’Oreal Serum formula comes in a gel form and it is very difficult to apply the product without clumping lashes. Although this eyelash serum is on the market for quite some time, the producer has never clarified or given instructions on how to use this applicator. L’Oreal lash enhancer can be bought in any drug store at the L’Oreal counter and it should cost no more than £15. Apart from the spatula issue, there are other minor drawbacks to this serum. The3 serum has to be applied only at night, before bed as putting it in the morning will cause many problems in the makeup routine. It is very difficult to apply the mascara on top of the L’Oreal Serum. Both products are more likely to flake off. Despite all the negative aspects of this product, L’Oreal Serum definitely provides lashes with great nourishment and deep hydration.

• provides lashes with hydration and hydration
• makes lashes thicker
• does not cost a lot

• makes lashes clumped
• has a not-user friendly applicator